Autumn 2013

Oct.2 – The Business of Charity
Andrew Muirhead, CEO Inspiring Scotland

Oct 9 – Dementia Today: diagnosis, treatment and support
Kirsty Yanik, Awareness Manager, Alzheimer Scotland ,

Oct 16 – Them and us – policy impact on housing and homelessness
Allison Calder, Head of Services, The Rock Trust

Oct 23 – The Chagos Islands: Britain’s murky secret
Roger West, Member MJ&P Group

Oct 30 – Current threats to tree health in Scotland: our response to these diseases
Dr. Sarah Green, Forest Pathologist, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change

Nov. 6 – HIV/AIDS and the Global Fund
Cathy Crawford, Secretary and founder member ImpAcTAIDS,

Nov 13 – Human Genetics: the work of the UK Biobank
Dr Albert Tenesa, Roslin Institute University of Edinburgh

Nov 20 – Pope Francis: a Jesuit in Pope’s clothing?
Father Gero McLoughlin, Promoter of Ignatian Spirituality

Nov 27 – Are foodbanks needed in Edinburgh in 2013?
Steve Wright, Missionary, Edinburgh City Mission

Dec 4 – Who are the hands-on grandparents? How important are they to parents and grandchildren?
Professor Lynn Jamieson, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships University of Edinburgh