Spring 2019

Jan 9
Lindsay Paterson, Professor of Educational Policy, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh.
Lindsay Paterson
‘Why is testing in primary schools controversial?’

Jan 16
Dr Daniel Clegg, Director of Graduate School of Social and Political Science, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy. University of Edinburgh.
Daniel Clegg
‘Why is France so angry? Understanding the gilets jaunes movement.’

Jan 23
Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics, School of Design, Design Informatics, The Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh.
Prof Chris Speed
‘Designing with Data: challenges and opportunities.’

Jan 30
Mairi Clare Rodgers, Head of Communications, Community Justice Scotland.
‘New developments at Community Justice Scotland.’

Feb 6
Michele Hipwell and Sara Stevenson, Committee Members, Astley Ainslie Community Trust.
‘The Astley Ainslie site – an opportunity for the local community to shape future developments.’

Feb 13
Daniel Johnson, MSP.
Daniel Johnson msp
‘Too many Prisoners on Remand.’

Feb 20
Robert O’Donnell, Secretary, Glassgow HOPE not Hate.
‘Challenging Racism and Fascism.’

Feb 27
Professor David Bell, (Professor of Economics) and Dr. Elaine Douglas (Research Fellow), University of Stirling.
‘Healthy Ageing in Scotland – key findings from a new study of ageing.’

March 6
Jules Oldham, Head of Policy and Operations, Homeless Action Scotland. https://www.homelessactionscotland.org.uk
‘The changing role of Social Housing in Scotland.’

March 13
Herr Jens-Peter Voss, German Consul General for Scotland and North of England.
‘Experiences of the Consul General’s Worldwide Postings and issues of justice and peace observed.’

March 20
Heather Williams, Member, Friends at the end.
‘Friends at the End and the case for Assisted Dying.’

March 27
Henry Mitchell, PhD student, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh.
‘Malema and the ANC. What’s happening in South Africa?’