Winter 2011

Jan 12 – Debt relief in the world’s poorest countries
Alys Mumford, Outreach Officer for Jubilee Scotland
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Jan 19 – Hot off the press!
Bill Jamieson, Executive Editor of The Scotsman
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Jan 26 – Rebuilding, repairing and reinvigorating Scottish infrastructure
Colin Proctor, Co-director of Scottish Futures Trust
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Feb 2 – Public Health winners and losers across the world
Jeff Collin, Course Director, Global Public Health & Social Policy, University of Edinburgh
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Feb 9 – The future of Scottish Education
Isobel Lindsay, writer and journalist
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Feb 16 – Powering ahead: recent economic tigers – China, India and Brazil
Dr Mark Aspinwall, International Relations, University of Edinburgh
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The next six meetings are concerned with the May 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections. MSP candidates will present their party’s policy on:

  1. Local Government
  2. Education
  3. The Environment.

Other policy areas may be raised during the following 30 minute discussion period.

Feb 23 –Margo MacDonald
Independent MSP – Lothians (list)
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Mar 2 – Jim Eadie
Prospective Edinburgh Southern MSP for the Scottish National Party
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Mar 9 – Paul Godzik
City of Edinburgh Councillor and prospective Labour candidate for Edinburgh Southern
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Mar 16 – Alison Johnstone (change from published program)
City of Edinburgh Councillor and prospective Green Party MSP for the Lothians (list)
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Mar 23 – Mike Pringle (rescheduled)
Current MSP for Edinburgh South and prospective Lib Dem candidate for Edinburgh Southern
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Mar 30 – Gavin Brown
MSP and prospective Conservative Party candidate for Edinburgh Southern
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