Spring 2020

January 8
Professor Glen Bramley, Professor of Urban Studies, I-SPHERE: Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research , Heriot-Watt University.
‘Extreme poverty in the UK: issues of measurement, scale, causes and implications.’

January 15
Jonny Kinross, CEO, Grassmarket Community Project, Edinburgh.
‘Grassmarket Community Project – what’s that?’

January 22
Dr. Eamonn O’Neill, Associate Professor, School Leader in Journalism, School of Arts and Creative Industries, Napier University.
‘The Training of Journalists for Today’s Media.’

January 29
Alastair Cameron, secretary and James Sutherland, member, Aid & Abet.
‘Once someone has been in prison, they need never go back.’

February 5
Leigh Fell, Founder and CEO,Caritas Neuro Solutions, based in Edinburgh.
‘Neurological research is 40 years behind cancer research.’ New initiatives.

February 12
Professor Walter Humes, Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling.
‘What have we learned about educational reform from Curriculum for Excellence?’

February 19
Rhona Kent, Fisheries Policy Officer with WWF UK.
‘The role of Scottish fisheries in the fight against climate change.’

February 26
Alan McKinney, member of Morningside Justice and Peace.
‘NHS – Who deserves the credit?’

March 4
Christina Naismith, Head of Implementation and Caroline Sautter, Policy Manager, Health and Social Care Integration, Scottish Government.
‘The Integration of Health and Social Care – aims, funding and progress.’

March 11
Elva Bannon, Senior Research Engineer, Wave Energy Scotland.
‘Wave Energy – current research, progress and challenges.’

March 18
Kathryn MacGregor, Assistant Secretary to the Citizens’ Assembly, and Graeme Holloway, Member of the Citizens’ Assembly.
‘Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland: doing politics differently.’

March 25
Councillor Kate Campbell, Convener of Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work, City of Edinburgh Council.
‘Housing Expansion in Edinburgh and beyond, with particular reference to 21st Century Homes.’