Reality: the effects of welfare cuts on child and family poverty in Scotland

John Dickie has been Head of Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland since 2004. He is responsible for promoting and influencing policies that will contribute to eradicating child poverty in Scotland as well as developing and managing second tier welfare rights support services that ensure frontline workers are able to support families to receive the tax credits and benefits that they are entitled to.

He was previously Head of the Youth Unit at Scottish Council for Single Homeless. Before that he worked directly with young people experiencing homelessness, both as a volunteer and professional, primarily in roles that supported them to develop their own routes out of homelessness.

He is a graduate from Aberdeen University in Sociology and Social Anthropology, and holds a postgraduate diploma in Housing Studies from Stirling University. He lives in Edinburgh and enjoys spending time with his family, walking and cycling among other things.

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