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China’s present and future role in the world

Daniel R Hammond took up the post of Lecturer in Chinese Politics and Society at the department of Asian studies at the University of Edinburgh in September 2011. You can read about his research and career on his home page

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The environmental and social consequences of extracting marginal sources of fuel

Rob Edwards is a highly respected freelance journalist specialising in environmental issues. He is the environment editor of the Sunday Herald, writes for the Guardian, and the co-author of three books on nuclear power. More at

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Ethics and Religion: an odd couple

Richard F. Holloway is a Scottish writer and broadcaster and was formerly Bishop of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church. He is a regular speaker at the Morningside Justice & Peace Group, always giving a lively and stimulating performance. Come … Continue reading

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Co-lateral damage: meeting the complex needs of veterans returning to civilian life

Veterans First Point (V1P) has been developed by veterans for veterans and is staffed by veterans. Funded by the Scottish Government, NHS Lothian and the Ministry of Defence, it aims to provide a one-stop shop for veterans and their families … Continue reading

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Foreign Aid Effectiveness

Dr Colin Cooper is a retired Edinburgh GP who now gives him time to a local charity, Edinburgh Direct Aid, travelling to help deliver aid to people in desperate need in far away places. In contrast with large charities, Edinburgh Direct … Continue reading

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Independence without tears

Professor Christopher Harvie is a Scottish historian and a Scottish National Party politician, who was MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife from 2007 to 2011. You can read more about his career on wikipedia, or visit his own website

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The case for the Union

David McLetchie, MSP, is a senior politician in the Scottish Conservative Party, and is currently their justice spokesman. For further information please see the Scottish Conversatives website, and his entry in Wikipedia.

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