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Considering Calman and The Scotland Bill

Eberhard ‘Paddy’ Bort is the Academic Coordinator of the Institute of Governance and a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Further biographical details are available here.

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Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown is the Scottish Conservative Party candidate at the May 2011 Scottish Parliament election for the Edinburgh Southern Constituency. Gavin has been an MSP for the Lothians for the last 4 years, and has been his party’s Tourism and … Continue reading

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Mike Pringle

Mike Pringle is the current MSP for Edinburgh South.* He is a scottish liberal democrat, and as a sitting MSP there is wealth of information about him on the web. on wikipedia (opens in new window) on the Scottish Parliament … Continue reading

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Alison Johnstone

Alison Johnstone is the top Green candidate for Lothian in the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections. She is currently a Green councillor for Meadows / Morningside ward of Edinburgh City Council and is their spokesperson on culture, leisure and sport; and children … Continue reading

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Paul Godzik

Paul Godzik is currently Councillor for the Meadows and Morningside area and is the Labour Spokesperson for Education in the City Chambers. He lived locally in the Edinburgh Southern area for some 10 years, and currently lives in Shandon with … Continue reading

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Jim Eadie

Jim Eadie is the SNP’s candidate for the Edinburgh Southern seat in this year’s, May 2011, election for the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Jim has 20 years of business experience. You can read more about Jim’s career, and his party’s … Continue reading

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Margo MacDonald

Margo MacDonald MSP is currently the only Independent Member of the Scottish Parliament, having been elected for the Lothians region. A local resident in The Grange, Margo has had a long career in Scottish politics, and has given successful and … Continue reading

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